Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Last Show of the Season

This is my last show for the year 2012.   Oh,  I miss Chicago.  I would have shows back to back.   There would be no breaks for me.  Creating buying and selling.   What I didn't sell would go for Christmas presents.  Plus my inventory would be more vast.  Scarfs, belts, hair accessories, jewelry made and handmade, and whatever would catch my eye to sell.   Here, I rely on what I make only.  It is hard to get back and forth to Chicago every weekend to stock up.  2nd time - I miss Chicago.   Let me stop whining.   3rd time, I miss Chicago.

My last show is the best show.   The Women's Conference at Mt. Carmel's Church.   Headed by Ms. Loretta Murphy.   See her picture below.   I have done this show for the past 6 years.  I would never miss it.  To tell the truth,  I was not feeling well the night before, but as they say, the show must go on, I went.  Some of the other vendors was there, Mrs. Tracie Loveless, Authoress.  and some new vendors.   We were all there to make money, network and support the Women's Conference.   I had a good time.   We were fed a delicious meal, as always.  I was not able to attend the conference and had to leave early, but a wonderful time was had.      I would like to introduce you to some of the people there.

Photo Here is the lovely Ms. Murphy.  She is the coordinator of the Women's Conference.  She puts on a great show each and every year.   If you want to learn how to put on a show, she is the women to ask.   Plus, she is a just good person.  Wonderful combination.

 Authoress Tracie Loveless Hill.    A very talented author, and a all around good person with a kind heart.   She is a treasure.   Her latest book is Escape from the Garden of Eden.  You can contact  Tracie on Face book - Tracie-Loveless-Hill-Authoress  concerning her book,up coming interviews and future books.  You can also find her books at and Barnes and Noble..   The women is going places, straight to the top.

This is a new comer to the vendor game.  Her name is Diane Sexton. 

She sells skin care and cosmetics.  A lovely lady who invited me to sit down share a table for our lunch.   

The name of the company is Aularale Skin Care and Cosmetics.   She can be reached at

This young lady is Adele S. Vanarsdale.  She like myself is a jewelry designer. 

She has some awesome pieces.  Her creative touch is miles in the stratosphere. 

Her unique and wonderful pieces can be found @ Asv-Artisticvisions.Here are some pics of what she displayed at the show.

Here are some pics of what she displayed at the show.

Last but not least is my very own table.    If you are follower of my blog, you will begin to notice a patten with my displays this year.   Everything has been flat on one dimensional.   I have started collecting displays(of course diy) to make my table more attractive.  Its not like I have not tried different styles to decorate my table.  I think I just got lazy.  My customer did not seem to mind.  Well there is going to a new me and new look to my jewelry business.  Stay tune.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Red, Red, Red, Part II

As in my previous post, I made a necklace set for a customer who wanted to give a present to her sister.  I felt good that she wanted to give one my pieces.  I delivered the necklace set and she loved it.  I was very happy.  I informed her that I had some beads left over and I could make her a bracelet.  My pictures did not turn out the way I wanted(I need a new camera).  I took pictures at different angles.  The bracelet was made with memory wire(my favorite way to make bracelet these days).  It wraps around the wrist at least 5 times to give that cuff effect.   Here goes.

One view

You can see the spirals and each bead that was used.

I think it turned out alright

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Red, Red, Red

I stated in my previous post that I had some red beads in which to make a necklace for a customer I had met at my show.  She requested a red necklace for her sister.  I had a few beads at home and I brought the rest.   For a history lesson this is what I started with.   You can see all the beads in my new catchall. with

A mixture of different shades of red.  Oh, la, la

Here is the end results.   A single strand leading to 3 strands, in a mixture of reds. 
I also made matching earrings.  I hope her sister likes it. 
  I will be attaching the fish hooks upon delivery. As you can see I photographed the piece in different angles for a complete look.


Completed necklace and matching earrings

Monday, October 22, 2012


This past Friday, I did a jewelry show at the UNI(University of Northern Iowa) Maucker Union.  Despite the table being small(6ft) and the price of the table, I enjoy this arena.  I meet a lot of people, some old customers, some new. I sit in an area where people have to pass me to get to other areas of the union.  The Maucker is a hang out for the college kids.  They meet, greet, and eat.   They also have on site bank and meeting rooms.  Perfect setup.   I did well.  I even have some orders I have to fill for new clients. Turned out to be a nice day.

Prior to this I had an uneasy feeling.  Maybe I was not prepared, or maybe I did not have enough merchandise.  I just wasn't feeling it.   Days before the show, I could not find my fliers, I lost my pliers and my thoughts was not on jewelry.  Nothing was coming to mind about what to make.  I had a block.  Adding insult to injury, my work schedule had changed and I would have to work until 8:00 the night before the show.    I had talked with one of my friends who changed her schedule,  she suggested I do the same.   It took me a while to go and talk with my lead teacher, but she gave me the OK to work another day.  

 My mind started churning and I felt that old familiar tingle.  Ideas was popping in my head and I started to think about jewelry again.  This was Tuesday afternoon.   Once I arrived home, I started getting things prepared, prepackaging.  I had planned to make jewelry all day Thursday.  Wednesday night, I packed my bags with bags, receipt books, jewelry stands and all my other "stuff".  I also had a fail safe.  I can cancel the show with one days notice without being charged. 

OK,  things did not go as planned.  I did not get started until 12:00 and I was up until 2:30 that morning, still making jewelry.  Some doubts started creeping up.  Do I have enough merchandise to cover the table,  my time and materials.  At this point I had no choice but to go ahead with the show. I couldn't cancel.   I finished making making jewelry and started to pack my jewelry for transport.   My merchandise looked pretty low.   You do what you gotta do.

If you don't know, there is a GOD.   While unpacking, some how I had packed a bag of earring necklaces and bracelets that I had made some time ago.  Thank you GOD.   My outlook felt better and better.   What started as apprehension, turned out to be a pretty good day.  As with all my shows, I take pictures.   

For some reason, I love making memory wire bracelets.

  My customers love it too

This piece I created after 12:00am.  

  I love orange for fall or summer.

I made the set with glass seed beads.

I had enough beads left over to make some very
 long, light weight and chic earrings. 
 You can see other merchandise on my table.

 Aren't the cute? 

Here is the complete set. 

 I love it.  I won't tell you if I sold it or not.  Next time.

I promise to make a set for one of the ladies who works there.   She wants a red necklace for her sister. 

These are all the red beads Ihave left.
  She wants different shades of red and silver.

The finished project on the next post.   See ya.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

i Forgot

Saturday is usually reserved for jeans, tee shirts and more casual dress.  My job requires a certain dress code.  So for the weekends, I feel like I am entitled to a more laid back fashion choice.  My work attire consist of skirts, pants, shirts, blouses, jackets, comfortable shoes(I stand on my feet for at least 2 hours of day) appropriate jewelry, purse to match.  Applying vary sparse makeup(years ago, I gave up the ghost) but now, I am returning to partial body armour.    You will never see out and about with pajama pants, looking raggedly, hair standing on end.  It just won't happen.  I might not have on the full war paint, but I will at least have on some lipstick and maybe so blush.    The two things I will not leave the house is lipstick and earrings.   Those are a must.  I feel naked without them.  

Today being Saturday, I dress with care in mind.  I put on my jeans, white shirt, lipstick and a little blush and white kicks.  In my mind, I knew what earrings I was going to wear.  Since it has turned cold, I had my scarf to match my jacket and with a fashion twist, I was out the door.   I ran my errands, and just happen to look at myself in a mirror, and I saw I had not earrings on.  Nothing, no hook, no dangle, sparkle, nothing.  Instantly, I felt vulnerable, small wanting to hide myself from the world, but my business in the street was not complete.  I did what any grown women would do in this situation.  I cursed, yelled, screamed, and threw a fit.  The fact that this was going on inside my head, made no difference.  How could I leave my house naked and exposed..  My ears uncovered for all the world to see.  I make jewelry for god sake.  I have endless choices.   What was I thinking.   All I do know that I was talking with my husband prior to leaving the house. It was him.  He did this to me.   I  wish I could blame all this on him, but he had his own forgetting issues.   This one I have to suck up alone.  I expect the fashion police at my door any minute now.  Pointing a finger and saying shame on you.

After my last stop for the day I rushed home. trying not to show my naked ears to the world.  Once in the safety of my home, I immediately put on some earrings.   The world was right again.  The one accessory I cannot live without is earrings.  I might miss the boat with other pieces of jewelry, but for me earring set the tone for the rest of grouping( In another post I will discuss my choice forgrouping).  For now, I think I will have keep spare earrings in the car, purse, on the job,in the mailbox, at friends houses, certain stores, just in case of an emergency,  You never know.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Tool Time

I have created some new jewelry for some shows that I want to attend.  Unfortunately, both of my shows were cancelled.  I will revel the reason behind the decision in a later post.  Also, the jewelry that I created will be shown at a later date as well.  I have another show coming up and most of my concentration is centered on that show and two future shows.   I have been using the time to reorganize my tools, beads and most of my craft materials.   I miss having all my stuff at my finger tips, but when you are trying to more, less is more and I have a lot of stuff.  

My first reorganization was my tools.   I make is sound like I have this arsenal of tools to make jewelry with, but I have 3 tools that I rely on to make the fantastic jewelry that you see or have seen.  Without them I would be lost.  They fit my hand perfectly and we go together like PB&J.    I was given some other tools by a very dear friend of mine, but when I want to get serious, I get the big 3.  I keep them in a red velvet lined purse I found.  I carry this purse with me to all my shows, parties and events where I might have to adjust or remarks some piece I am displaying.    Let me show what I am talking about.

For some reason , the purse looks pink.

This is one side and below is another.  Still looking pink.  What to do?

The other side is plain.  I can put some of my findings inside to repair or restyle a piece.
These are the basic tools I use.  Needle nose,  wire cutters, flat nose pliers and just added to my tool kit, crimpers for my crimp beads.

I have been working with the same tools for over 10 years.  They have served me well.  Want to see a jewelry lady go crazy.   Lose or misplace my tools.   Oh, Oh, I can feel the tension building up at the very thought of my tools.  Let me go and check to make sure they are all right.   TaTa y'all.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Oh, I hate to admit it but, ...............

There are times, when the creative process becomes stuck.  I really hate to admit that sometimes, it's just not there.  I have ideas in my head, but getting down to work is well, just about, almost, semi impossible to do.  I lost my work space sometime ago and most of my craft supplies and beads are in the garage.   I hate having to lug my beads in and out.  I use the dining room table as my work space.   Plus, we are in the process of trying to cut down on clutter and move(I am guilty of most of the clutter, but it is good clutter)  Most crafters know, that when you pick up an item, you might not use it then, but it will serve a purpose sometime later, right?  Right!

To make matters worse, I have a show coming up very soon,  and I need to make product.   I see earrings, bracelets and necklaces in my head, swirling around.  I think maybe my get up and go, got up and went(if you happen to see it, send it back home, I miss it).  I work a full time job.  I am at work, itching to get home and start creating.  As soon as I hit the door, all the fight leaves my body.  I cannot hide out on the Internet the whole day.  I cannot go shopping any more.  I've got beads strings that need to be taken apart. I need to sorted and put things into containers.  I need to organize, shuffle and rearrange my stuff, and try to stay focused. 

 OK, I think I am ready to tackle some jewelry now.  I can feel it.  The tidal wave of creative juices flowing.  Oh, just as soon as I finish watching the end of this movie.   It's a start.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

One Earring at a time

Tonight I was thinking about my life(my creative life) and how much both of my life's(personal) interact.   I love the creative side and it brings me pleasure and sometimes pain.   I use my creative side to make extra money and hopefully build my business to be self-supporting.  Until now I did not know that I created just to be.  I have fixed broken jewelry, given advice, helped fellow vendors with support, information, displays.   There was a time when I thought of nothing else.   I sought to have a balance in my life(personal).  It is not good to concentrate so hard on something, that you lose sight of yourself and what is around you.   So I sit here typing away and looking at some beads on my night stand.   I need to have a balance in life(creative) as well.   I need to make some jewelry and get more organized since I am back to work.    I have all the makings to make money, make myself happy and those around me.   Tonight I am going to deal with money(my creative side).   I can spend all day on the computer and blogging, reading, answering emails and such, but I need the inventory to make a difference.   So I will start with one earring at a time.  This weekend I intend to reorganize my stockpile and start remaking some jewelry.   Along with this idea, I will be using my paper crafts to accompany my jewelry or to sell alone.  I will not sit down until I have finished reorganization, re purpose, restyle all my projects and inventory.

Here is a look of some of my earrings.  Looks like a good start to me.

Brown tubing with cowrie shells

Turquoise spring disc

African beads and Wood

Wine metal and shells

Cowrie shell and twine

Monday, July 23, 2012


I love to reinvent jewelry, clothes, shoes and any accessories.   This is one of my favorites.  I found the beads and made the necklace, but it took me a while to find the right center piece.  Along came the red heart and a new necklace was born.   But to my dismay, nobody brought this piece.  They loved the color and thought it was cute, but no takers.   Maybe I put more of me into the necklace and not enough of what someone else would like.  So I decided to change the look.  This piece went from a necklace to a bracelet.  Here is the necklace.

Here is the bracelet.

Red, RED, red

Looks a little different.  I didn't add or take away any beads.  I just loaded the beads on to some memory wire and put the center piece toward the bottom of the bracelet.  Now maybe it will get some attention.   I know it has caught me eye, again.  You can find this piece and many other's that I put my spin on at my Etsy Store.   Stop by to see my creations and recreations.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Picture This

It was a lovely vacation.  I went to see my family and hopefully work on old contacts and line up some new shows.    Now that I am at home, I need to get back to the task at hand and make some more jewelry.   First, I need to add my completed pieces on my Etsy Store.   For some reason, every picture I tried to take came out a little fuzzy.  I made adjustments and still, fuzzy.   I asked my camera what was the problem and all I got was the silent treatment.  Camera always has an attitude.   I asked my lights was their problem.  I got some mumbo jumbo.  I always suspected they were a little dim.   So here I am at my dining room table, trying to find a way to get this pictures on my site.  I had investigated this idea before about building a light box, but some of tutorials seem so complicated.  I thought I would give it one more try.   I found the one site on You Tube.   Naturally I typed in home mad light box and this is the video I found and liked.  Simple construction.

So I went out and brought the materials, and I only spent $8.00.   I came home and went to work.   Now I am very proud of my homemade light box.  Very proud and sensitive.  I have not tried it yet, but I will tomorrow.  I will show you the result in another post. One more thing.  I had watched other videos and they suggest adding strips of white board to cover up the cardboard on the inside.  I opted not to do that step.   If I see that I need to add the additional white board, then so be it.    You be the judge of how my light box looks compared to the tutorial.

This is the inside of the complete box

This is a side shot after I inserted the poster board

This is bottom of the light box.  It doesn't look pretty.   I will try better next time

This is one of the opening for the light box.  Per the instructions on the video, I cut two more opening, top and the other side.