Saturday, July 14, 2012

Picture This

It was a lovely vacation.  I went to see my family and hopefully work on old contacts and line up some new shows.    Now that I am at home, I need to get back to the task at hand and make some more jewelry.   First, I need to add my completed pieces on my Etsy Store.   For some reason, every picture I tried to take came out a little fuzzy.  I made adjustments and still, fuzzy.   I asked my camera what was the problem and all I got was the silent treatment.  Camera always has an attitude.   I asked my lights was their problem.  I got some mumbo jumbo.  I always suspected they were a little dim.   So here I am at my dining room table, trying to find a way to get this pictures on my site.  I had investigated this idea before about building a light box, but some of tutorials seem so complicated.  I thought I would give it one more try.   I found the one site on You Tube.   Naturally I typed in home mad light box and this is the video I found and liked.  Simple construction.

So I went out and brought the materials, and I only spent $8.00.   I came home and went to work.   Now I am very proud of my homemade light box.  Very proud and sensitive.  I have not tried it yet, but I will tomorrow.  I will show you the result in another post. One more thing.  I had watched other videos and they suggest adding strips of white board to cover up the cardboard on the inside.  I opted not to do that step.   If I see that I need to add the additional white board, then so be it.    You be the judge of how my light box looks compared to the tutorial.

This is the inside of the complete box

This is a side shot after I inserted the poster board

This is bottom of the light box.  It doesn't look pretty.   I will try better next time

This is one of the opening for the light box.  Per the instructions on the video, I cut two more opening, top and the other side.


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