Thursday, December 31, 2009

Displays - Part Two

I think I have come a long way. I am still improving and improvising new displays I like my display to be very textured( ceramic bowls, mudd cloth as a table cloth, white jewelry boxes in all sizes, my husbands idea) I now have several table displays for all of my shows, festivals, fairs and vendor booths.  Most of my displays depend the size of the table, the event and what I am displaying at the moment.  I once use kitchen utensils for my displays.   I used a glass serving dish, a colander with  broken handles, coffee stands( my favorite).  Here are some of my other displays stands that I use.  They were all found at the local thrift stores, except on.    I like height on my tables when I display my jewelry and accessories.  It is always changing.  I guess so will I. until next time.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Redo, Reuse, Recreate

I like to take old things and make them new again.  A little paint, little trim, move some furniture.  That is all it takes to turn something around. From clothes to home decor. With just a little imagination, anything can be mad useful again.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Displays - Part One

I was pretty raw in my humble beginnings. A very kind person (she happen to another vendor), came to my table and told me I need to display my jewelry better. Now some people might have gotten offended by this comment(I happen to be one of those people) but I took the message to be friendly advice Since this was my fifth or sixth show and my earning seem to be slowing down, I did not get mad(well not too much). I just smiled and said thank you. I guess laying my earrings on the table in a row was not visually appealing. Who new? I packed up my jewelry, embarrassment; my now cooled down temper, and went home. How can I make my table fantastic? Best piece of advice I ever had. One of first attempts was to display my earring more efficiently (I have gone through some displays. I was given a box of crafts supplies and in this box was 20 embroidery hoops (see how things work out, did you see the word GIVEN). Also in the box was some material. Light bulb. I stretched the material over the rings, sewed the excess material down presto change, I had a holder for my earrings. I had brought some dollar plate holders to hold the hoops with. I was elated. I was killing several birds with one stone. Height to my table, visually appealing and colorful (I use only black and red material on the hoops. Now while I was killing several birds, the family started pecking on me.

1. The hoops display only worked for piecered and post earrings. Clips-ons and kidney hooks still had to stay on the table.

2. This only worked for inside shows. I could have run a mathrthon chasing down my hooks with earring flying about.

3. And now matter I tight I sewed the material down, it would always start to sag.

4. I went out and brought peg board, clamped them together to display the hoops on, but customers found them cumbersome to take off.

5. And for the final straw, the hooks was always breaking from some of the tension of sewing the material down

Back to the drawing board. I finally gave away the remaning hoops. But this episode will not be my last idea with hoops. I will try my hoop idea three more times. Some my hoops were metal, plastic, wood. Let’s just say that I am seeing a therapist for my problem, circles. Part two of my display museum - coffee any one - next time.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Here is my history lesson. If you read my profile, then you know, I started making jewelry about 20 years ago. I remember my first craft show. I stayed up all night, nervous about how my designs would appeal to a viewing crowd. I sold out of earrings(that was all that I made) and I only made 30 earrings. I sold them for $3.00 each. The craft show only cost me $5.00 I was very green at the time. I had a red cloth for the table and no other adornments. No business cards, no signs or displays. Just jewelry. I was hooked. For me it was a heady rush. Seeing those women oh and ah over something I created with my own two hands. I entered every craft show I could find and afford. I made some money and lost some money. The last time I did a craft show, I made 75 cents(the booth rental was $25.00 plus other expenses). I cried like a baby, vowing to stop making jewelry and get a job. I did get a job, but I did not stop making jewelry. I just channeled my boat in another direction. I have learned so much since my first craft show and I still learning. If it was not for that 75 cents that I made, I would not be where I am at today. Someone once told me to get a real job, since I was not making the kind of money I wanted to make with my creations. No, I have not made my business, my dream into the giant I want it to be, and I have had some successes and failures along the way. But what I have and treasure the most, is sense of me and who I am and what I can do. I have had so many doors slammed in face, so many people have let me down, maybe somebody else would have given up a long time ago. I have always told my children if they can say one thing about me, it is this - I might cry tonight, but I will get up in the morning with a smile and try again. I have to go now. I hear the beads calling meeeeeeee.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It Went Half Way Well

Things are hectic where I work. I started teaching the girls how to make some jewelry. I ended up finishing most of the pieces. None of them seem to grab on to the idea. But I continue on. This week we are suppose to make bracelets. I have not had the time to do so(field trips, trying to fix computer problems and just general things to do. I guess when I was teaching the girls through the Echo program, they seem eager to learn. Maybe because they had to sign up for different activities, and picked mine. I just stated I would like to start making jewelry with the girls. I just thought it would be fun and a chance to get to know them better. Different girls, different times, different ways. Maybe I will try another approach. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I just started at the local Boys&Girls Club. One of my programs that I am introducing is basic skills jewelry making. I would love to share with them some of my projects and teach my love of making jewelry. I am hoping to incorporate this into money making opportunity for young women to share their creative talents and start their first step into land of owning their own business, being a young entrepreneurs. I would like to introduce some other programs that I have in mind. It will teach young girls leader ship, business skills, working together as a group, with emphasis on giving back. Lets see if I succeed. I will keep you posted.