Saturday, October 6, 2012

i Forgot

Saturday is usually reserved for jeans, tee shirts and more casual dress.  My job requires a certain dress code.  So for the weekends, I feel like I am entitled to a more laid back fashion choice.  My work attire consist of skirts, pants, shirts, blouses, jackets, comfortable shoes(I stand on my feet for at least 2 hours of day) appropriate jewelry, purse to match.  Applying vary sparse makeup(years ago, I gave up the ghost) but now, I am returning to partial body armour.    You will never see out and about with pajama pants, looking raggedly, hair standing on end.  It just won't happen.  I might not have on the full war paint, but I will at least have on some lipstick and maybe so blush.    The two things I will not leave the house is lipstick and earrings.   Those are a must.  I feel naked without them.  

Today being Saturday, I dress with care in mind.  I put on my jeans, white shirt, lipstick and a little blush and white kicks.  In my mind, I knew what earrings I was going to wear.  Since it has turned cold, I had my scarf to match my jacket and with a fashion twist, I was out the door.   I ran my errands, and just happen to look at myself in a mirror, and I saw I had not earrings on.  Nothing, no hook, no dangle, sparkle, nothing.  Instantly, I felt vulnerable, small wanting to hide myself from the world, but my business in the street was not complete.  I did what any grown women would do in this situation.  I cursed, yelled, screamed, and threw a fit.  The fact that this was going on inside my head, made no difference.  How could I leave my house naked and exposed..  My ears uncovered for all the world to see.  I make jewelry for god sake.  I have endless choices.   What was I thinking.   All I do know that I was talking with my husband prior to leaving the house. It was him.  He did this to me.   I  wish I could blame all this on him, but he had his own forgetting issues.   This one I have to suck up alone.  I expect the fashion police at my door any minute now.  Pointing a finger and saying shame on you.

After my last stop for the day I rushed home. trying not to show my naked ears to the world.  Once in the safety of my home, I immediately put on some earrings.   The world was right again.  The one accessory I cannot live without is earrings.  I might miss the boat with other pieces of jewelry, but for me earring set the tone for the rest of grouping( In another post I will discuss my choice forgrouping).  For now, I think I will have keep spare earrings in the car, purse, on the job,in the mailbox, at friends houses, certain stores, just in case of an emergency,  You never know.

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