Saturday, September 29, 2012

Tool Time

I have created some new jewelry for some shows that I want to attend.  Unfortunately, both of my shows were cancelled.  I will revel the reason behind the decision in a later post.  Also, the jewelry that I created will be shown at a later date as well.  I have another show coming up and most of my concentration is centered on that show and two future shows.   I have been using the time to reorganize my tools, beads and most of my craft materials.   I miss having all my stuff at my finger tips, but when you are trying to more, less is more and I have a lot of stuff.  

My first reorganization was my tools.   I make is sound like I have this arsenal of tools to make jewelry with, but I have 3 tools that I rely on to make the fantastic jewelry that you see or have seen.  Without them I would be lost.  They fit my hand perfectly and we go together like PB&J.    I was given some other tools by a very dear friend of mine, but when I want to get serious, I get the big 3.  I keep them in a red velvet lined purse I found.  I carry this purse with me to all my shows, parties and events where I might have to adjust or remarks some piece I am displaying.    Let me show what I am talking about.

For some reason , the purse looks pink.

This is one side and below is another.  Still looking pink.  What to do?

The other side is plain.  I can put some of my findings inside to repair or restyle a piece.
These are the basic tools I use.  Needle nose,  wire cutters, flat nose pliers and just added to my tool kit, crimpers for my crimp beads.

I have been working with the same tools for over 10 years.  They have served me well.  Want to see a jewelry lady go crazy.   Lose or misplace my tools.   Oh, Oh, I can feel the tension building up at the very thought of my tools.  Let me go and check to make sure they are all right.   TaTa y'all.

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