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Jets Jewelry
Jewelry Making Class

Supply List - The list below is for a basic set(earring, bracelet, necklace)  If you choose to buy the bulk findings, you will have enough stock to make more than one pair or set.


Beads for Chosen Projects


Head Pins
For Clean look to the bottom of your earrings - Head Pins
Eye Pins
Used to attach additional beads or hooks or pins - Eye Pins.

Can be attached to a eye or head pin
Kidney Hooks

Ball pins

Fish Hooks
Ear wire use to attach either to a head or eye pin

Crimp beads
Used to close the end of the necklace or bracelet when using beading wire.

Spring back

Barrel Clasp

Lobster claw

One of the many closure used to connect the necklace of bracelet.
Beading Wire

Memory Wire

Used to string beads on to the string for finished project.



To close crimp beads

Round nose pliers

Flat head pliers

Wire Cutters(the ones in the middle)

Spools of wire(16,18,20,24 gauge.  The lower the number indicates the thickness of the wire - This finding is optional.  You can use this wire for heavier or bigger beads.

Majority of the supplies can be brought at several location - Hobby Lobby, Michael's, Walmart and the Dollar Store(you can find the round nose pliers there).

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