Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It Went Half Way Well

Things are hectic where I work. I started teaching the girls how to make some jewelry. I ended up finishing most of the pieces. None of them seem to grab on to the idea. But I continue on. This week we are suppose to make bracelets. I have not had the time to do so(field trips, trying to fix computer problems and just general things to do. I guess when I was teaching the girls through the Echo program, they seem eager to learn. Maybe because they had to sign up for different activities, and picked mine. I just stated I would like to start making jewelry with the girls. I just thought it would be fun and a chance to get to know them better. Different girls, different times, different ways. Maybe I will try another approach. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I just started at the local Boys&Girls Club. One of my programs that I am introducing is basic skills jewelry making. I would love to share with them some of my projects and teach my love of making jewelry. I am hoping to incorporate this into money making opportunity for young women to share their creative talents and start their first step into land of owning their own business, being a young entrepreneurs. I would like to introduce some other programs that I have in mind. It will teach young girls leader ship, business skills, working together as a group, with emphasis on giving back. Lets see if I succeed. I will keep you posted.