Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Last Show of the Season

This is my last show for the year 2012.   Oh,  I miss Chicago.  I would have shows back to back.   There would be no breaks for me.  Creating buying and selling.   What I didn't sell would go for Christmas presents.  Plus my inventory would be more vast.  Scarfs, belts, hair accessories, jewelry made and handmade, and whatever would catch my eye to sell.   Here, I rely on what I make only.  It is hard to get back and forth to Chicago every weekend to stock up.  2nd time - I miss Chicago.   Let me stop whining.   3rd time, I miss Chicago.

My last show is the best show.   The Women's Conference at Mt. Carmel's Church.   Headed by Ms. Loretta Murphy.   See her picture below.   I have done this show for the past 6 years.  I would never miss it.  To tell the truth,  I was not feeling well the night before, but as they say, the show must go on, I went.  Some of the other vendors was there, Mrs. Tracie Loveless, Authoress.  and some new vendors.   We were all there to make money, network and support the Women's Conference.   I had a good time.   We were fed a delicious meal, as always.  I was not able to attend the conference and had to leave early, but a wonderful time was had.      I would like to introduce you to some of the people there.

Photo Here is the lovely Ms. Murphy.  She is the coordinator of the Women's Conference.  She puts on a great show each and every year.   If you want to learn how to put on a show, she is the women to ask.   Plus, she is a just good person.  Wonderful combination.

 Authoress Tracie Loveless Hill.    A very talented author, and a all around good person with a kind heart.   She is a treasure.   Her latest book is Escape from the Garden of Eden.  You can contact  Tracie on Face book - Tracie-Loveless-Hill-Authoress  concerning her book,up coming interviews and future books.  You can also find her books at and Barnes and Noble..   The women is going places, straight to the top.

This is a new comer to the vendor game.  Her name is Diane Sexton. 

She sells skin care and cosmetics.  A lovely lady who invited me to sit down share a table for our lunch.   

The name of the company is Aularale Skin Care and Cosmetics.   She can be reached at

This young lady is Adele S. Vanarsdale.  She like myself is a jewelry designer. 

She has some awesome pieces.  Her creative touch is miles in the stratosphere. 

Her unique and wonderful pieces can be found @ Asv-Artisticvisions.Here are some pics of what she displayed at the show.

Here are some pics of what she displayed at the show.

Last but not least is my very own table.    If you are follower of my blog, you will begin to notice a patten with my displays this year.   Everything has been flat on one dimensional.   I have started collecting displays(of course diy) to make my table more attractive.  Its not like I have not tried different styles to decorate my table.  I think I just got lazy.  My customer did not seem to mind.  Well there is going to a new me and new look to my jewelry business.  Stay tune.


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