Thursday, August 16, 2012

One Earring at a time

Tonight I was thinking about my life(my creative life) and how much both of my life's(personal) interact.   I love the creative side and it brings me pleasure and sometimes pain.   I use my creative side to make extra money and hopefully build my business to be self-supporting.  Until now I did not know that I created just to be.  I have fixed broken jewelry, given advice, helped fellow vendors with support, information, displays.   There was a time when I thought of nothing else.   I sought to have a balance in my life(personal).  It is not good to concentrate so hard on something, that you lose sight of yourself and what is around you.   So I sit here typing away and looking at some beads on my night stand.   I need to have a balance in life(creative) as well.   I need to make some jewelry and get more organized since I am back to work.    I have all the makings to make money, make myself happy and those around me.   Tonight I am going to deal with money(my creative side).   I can spend all day on the computer and blogging, reading, answering emails and such, but I need the inventory to make a difference.   So I will start with one earring at a time.  This weekend I intend to reorganize my stockpile and start remaking some jewelry.   Along with this idea, I will be using my paper crafts to accompany my jewelry or to sell alone.  I will not sit down until I have finished reorganization, re purpose, restyle all my projects and inventory.

Here is a look of some of my earrings.  Looks like a good start to me.

Brown tubing with cowrie shells

Turquoise spring disc

African beads and Wood

Wine metal and shells

Cowrie shell and twine

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Peaceful Reader said...

I like the turquoise ones and the purple ones. Your creative side is time well-spent!