Friday, November 18, 2011

I was prepared

It has been a busy couple of months.   Let just jump right into the mix.  I had several shows scheduled for October. plus other obligations.   My first show was at the local college, one of my favorite spots.  I was dead on.   I had my news ready, I had fliers.  I had made new earrings and necklaces.   I was on the ball.   I made some new customers and saw so of my returning customers.   I was able to complete at least 20 new pairs of earrings just sitting at the table waiting for customers to come by(I had another show the next day and I wanted to be fresh).  I ended up putting some of the newer earrings on the table.   Sometimes It is a hit or miss.  I sold more earrings and bracelets this time around.  Sometimes I will sell a variety of all three, necklaces, earrings, bracelets.  Today was different.   I knew I had to make more bracelets for the show tomorrow.   Making bracelets takes longer for me to make than necklace and earrings.   Since I have switched over to all wire wrapped bracelets, I have to come up with new and stylish ways to showcase my design.  .  I can make 3 necklaces in an hours, 20 earrings, but maybe one bracelet.   This cuts down my construction time.  I will concentrate more on the bracelets than the other two.  OK, back to the story.  

I enjoy going to school.  It gives my ideas, watching the fashion show, men and women and they seem to enjoy buying and wearing my pieces.   This is and always will be one of my favorite spot to setup.   For those of you who want to try it and live in the Waterloo area. call the Maucker Union at UNI to rent a table.  The flow of traffic and meeting nice people is what attracts me.  Maybe you will get hooked on UNI too.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy

I have very so busy since the beginning of October.  I had several shows, trying to get my coupon club started, finishing up my computer class.  Let me update you about what has been going on.  I will start with my first show.  I was a vendor at the Hat & Heels Fashion Show which was scheduled for Saturday October 22. .   I had a wonderful blssed time.  I met some awesome women of God.  They put on a fantastic show.   They also presented a conference headed by Prophetess Ladi-Annissa Spencer.  She is the spiritual head of the Royal Daughters of Zion Priesthood, in connection with The Royal Priesthood Worldwide Ministries. The ministry is located in Lafayette Indiana.  I was not able to attend the conference, but I heard that it was awesome.

These ladies made me feel welcome. I enjoyed the  praise team as they worship God with song and we prayed before the fashion show.  They will be back in town as they plan to make this area a permanent stop on the road to spreading word.   I have to say I am sorry.  I am just getting to write about this show and I will email Prophetess Spencer to let her know I have not forgotten.  You can feel the power coming off of her in waves.  The power of God in her life.   If you would like to get in touch with Prophetess Spencer, you can email her at RoyalDaughterofZion Priesthood or follow her at RPWMinistries.  Their website address is   Now  there was another vendor there and she was part of the Hat and Heels Fashion Show.   She had some amazing hats.    I am sorry to say, I lost her business information( I am losing a lot things these days).  As soon as I can get the information, I will post it.  Here are pictures of her awesome hats.

This beautiful young lady was a  participant in the fashion show.   She actually came to see the show and was picked by the vendor and coordinator to be in the fashion show.  Stylish, elegant and fabulous.  Go on girl and strut your stuff. Hopefully I will have not more problems with my computer and my hectic schedule has lighten up at bit.   Onward and upward.