Saturday, September 1, 2012

Oh, I hate to admit it but, ...............

There are times, when the creative process becomes stuck.  I really hate to admit that sometimes, it's just not there.  I have ideas in my head, but getting down to work is well, just about, almost, semi impossible to do.  I lost my work space sometime ago and most of my craft supplies and beads are in the garage.   I hate having to lug my beads in and out.  I use the dining room table as my work space.   Plus, we are in the process of trying to cut down on clutter and move(I am guilty of most of the clutter, but it is good clutter)  Most crafters know, that when you pick up an item, you might not use it then, but it will serve a purpose sometime later, right?  Right!

To make matters worse, I have a show coming up very soon,  and I need to make product.   I see earrings, bracelets and necklaces in my head, swirling around.  I think maybe my get up and go, got up and went(if you happen to see it, send it back home, I miss it).  I work a full time job.  I am at work, itching to get home and start creating.  As soon as I hit the door, all the fight leaves my body.  I cannot hide out on the Internet the whole day.  I cannot go shopping any more.  I've got beads strings that need to be taken apart. I need to sorted and put things into containers.  I need to organize, shuffle and rearrange my stuff, and try to stay focused. 

 OK, I think I am ready to tackle some jewelry now.  I can feel it.  The tidal wave of creative juices flowing.  Oh, just as soon as I finish watching the end of this movie.   It's a start.


Peaceful Reader said...

Hopefully it ocmes back in small spurts! I find it difficult to buckle down and get a project done also.

Peaceful Reader said...

Hopefully your creativity came back! I fight this too with writing or cleaning my house. It is difficult to settle on a task and get it done.