Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Back to the drawing board

A acquaintance of my mine said I had to many balls that I was juggling in the air.  That maybe I should concentrate on just one thing.  I thought really hard and long about that and decided to streamline my activities.  If I am confused, then my readers will be as well.  Currently I have so many passions, jewelry, home decor, frugal living, TV, movies and just general crafts.  So to get started, I have been streamlining my blogs.   This is one of my last blogs that I have been working with.  Hopefully this will get me started in the right direction for 2016.  Hope you will take this ride with me.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Drawing Board

Recently my husband and I decided to try our luck an outdoor venue.  Considering the price and the location, we felt it would be an excellent opportunity. This was not the case.  You would think I would know better, but I have been out of the game for a while, especially an outdoor event, I have forgotten a lot.   I made some critical mistakes.  Ones I will not repeat again.  Rookie mistakes.  And I am no rookie.

Number one - I let the price/length of the event cloud my judgement.  I was certain I could make my money back.  I didn't do my homework, ask enough or the right questions.

Number two- I did not check the weather forecast for the weekend.  It rained for better part of the first day.   I also broke my tent(another bad idea.  Never buy a tent on sale at Kmart). EZ Up are the way to go.   You do what you have to do.

Number three - I did not have the necessary outdoor equipment.  Chairs, weights(the wind did not die down until 3 pm), cover sheets, extra tarp, shower hooks, alternate setup.  I use to keep a bag with safety pins, small hammer, clips, rope, rubber bands, bricks, plastic.  This might seem a lot, but when you are outside anything can happen.

Number four - I did not do recon on the surrounding area.  Most advertising is done weeks in advance with poster, mailings, signs in strategic places. 

The next time I will not be caught off guard.  Never again.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Earring Card Display

This project can be used for vendors and crafters who want to display their earrings for sale at craft shows, festivals, and fairs.

Approximate Time: 20 - 30 minute, depending on how many you make
Yield: sheet of cardstock yields 4 strips and I use 10 sheets of paper

     40 strips of cut card stock ($1.00)
1 flower paper punch ($3.50)
1 ink pad (color your choice) ($1.00)
1 alphabet stamp (letter of your choice) ($.50)
1 large safety pin ($.10)
1 pair of scissors or paper cutter ($1.00)

  1. Start with 1 sheet of card-stock and cut length wise into 4 strips (or use pre-cut strips).
  2. Fold each strip length wise, like a small book.
  3. Use the flower paper punch to punch the shape on one side of the fold. Save the punched flowers for another project.
  4. In the vacant space, you can stamp your letter or other graphic of your choice.
  5. Use the safety pin to poke holes for the earrings hooks to go through.
  6. Attach your earrings to the card. Stand up the card using the fold to display your earrings. You can attach price tags, and business information to the cards as well.







Monday, January 26, 2015

Taking A Stand

********This song is by the Ojays.  The baddest group yesterday, today and tomorrow.******

It's a brand new year.  A new year brings about changes, goals and resolutions.  It also a time for organizing or reorganizing.  I want to be ready for the new I need to rework my jewelry displays.  I am always on the lookout for better ways to make my table setup more inviting, organic, welcoming and functional.  Plus I don't like to spend a lot of money and take pride in the fact, that I can take ordinary objects and use them for a wonderful table scrape.  You can also see some of my tutorials on how to make your own earring cards and necklace display.   Here are my latest finds.

This bowl was made by my nephew.  I love the shape and its texture
It will hold my business cards

I really don't know what this was used for.
I plan to use it for my earrings.  I just love the shape.

I found this piece for $1.00.  I love the fact is functional,
 but gives me height without taking up table space.

A Christmas tree makes a great earring or bracelet holder.

What luck.  I found these 3 metal animals? Large, medium and small.

I love the details

It's like someone took a sander to all three

It is always good to have some table art.  

As you can see, I have a little work to do,
 but spray paint to the rescue.

Now that is the way to take a stand.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Last Show 2014

***Let me say this is my new song of my soul and Ed Sheeran is a new friend of mine. This particular song tears through my soul and will not let me go.   It doesn't go with my post, but it goes great with me.*****

My last show of the season is the best show of the season. I am a little late with this post.    Every year I vend at Mt. Caramel's  Women's Conference.  The conference is headed by the phenomenal Sister Loretta Murphy.  I attend for the fellowship, the word of God delivered by women who excel at elegance, dignity and excellence and oh, to sell my handmade jewelry.  Plus I always get to set by my good friend, the wonderful Authoress Tracie Loveless Hill.  Please check her out.  You will not be disappointed.

See you next year.  2015