Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Drawing Board

Recently my husband and I decided to try our luck an outdoor venue.  Considering the price and the location, we felt it would be an excellent opportunity. This was not the case.  You would think I would know better, but I have been out of the game for a while, especially an outdoor event, I have forgotten a lot.   I made some critical mistakes.  Ones I will not repeat again.  Rookie mistakes.  And I am no rookie.

Number one - I let the price/length of the event cloud my judgement.  I was certain I could make my money back.  I didn't do my homework, ask enough or the right questions.

Number two- I did not check the weather forecast for the weekend.  It rained for better part of the first day.   I also broke my tent(another bad idea.  Never buy a tent on sale at Kmart). EZ Up are the way to go.   You do what you have to do.

Number three - I did not have the necessary outdoor equipment.  Chairs, weights(the wind did not die down until 3 pm), cover sheets, extra tarp, shower hooks, alternate setup.  I use to keep a bag with safety pins, small hammer, clips, rope, rubber bands, bricks, plastic.  This might seem a lot, but when you are outside anything can happen.

Number four - I did not do recon on the surrounding area.  Most advertising is done weeks in advance with poster, mailings, signs in strategic places. 

The next time I will not be caught off guard.  Never again.

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