Tuesday, August 26, 2014

More cards, bags and Watching you

 It is so good to have to the time to make things and get them together.   I have not had this kind of freedom in a long time.  I am having the time of my life.  Since I have so many interest, I spread a lot of my post around.  To see my one of card display projects, check out my other post.   Now that I have the time, I might as well make use of it.  My latest creations.

It did not bother me, that they had another company's name on them.  
That is what I like about them, plus the fact they were FREE.

These bags were FREE.   I can always spot a winner.
  I will keep saying FREE.  It feels good inside.

All I had to do was to add my label to the bag.  Ownership.

They are perfect for holding my long necklaces.  I like the hole at the top.
  I can use it to hang on my peg board display, whenever I get it built.

You don't have to spend money on expensive displays and jewelry holders.

A little imagination goes a long way.  
 FREE(there is that word again) bags, labels from the dollar store and some ink.

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