Thursday, August 21, 2014


It just hit me.  I was explaining to a friend of mine about how I was going to use my time now that I am not working.  As I was going through the details, it just hit me.  I live a lonely lifestyle. In more ways than one.  My life is filled with taking pictures, uploading, downloading, writing,editing, responding,blogging, tweeting, face-booking, pinning, posting, reviewing, saving, making, gluing, attaching, painting,sanding,waxing, cutting, polishing, buffering, glittering, washing, watching, answering, checking, stamping, stenciling, drilling, turning, planting, rotating, listening, swiping, sketching, stretching, pulling, twisting, typing, searching,  and the list goes on.  And I do all of this by myself, in privacy of my home. All by myself.   It is just me, a computer, laptop, camera, mouse, phone, external hard drive and all the other computer peripherals, I happen to have.  This is the lonely life of a diy, craft, frugal, home-bound person such as myself.  

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