Thursday, September 4, 2014

Eric Benet,thank you.

I love just love this entire CD by the beautiful Eric Benet.  I think it is some of his best work, to date. This is one of my favorites. I sometimes will pick the song based on what I am blogging about. Today, I just want to hear the soulful tunes of the one and only Eric Benet.

I have been making, making, and more making.   When one is in a business, the business never stops.  Now I more time to complete projects and make sure that I am up to speed when it comes to business.   

With a room full of craft supplies here is the latest card display. One might ask why am I making so many.  First,  I like the diy approach.  I like to be different.  Second, it is better to get it ready,then all I have to do is attach the jewelry. Third, also the pieces I pick up I might not be able to get again.  That is the part I like the best, the unexpected.  I am the person who like shabby chic, tarnished metal, torn pieces. Those pieces have character. Anyone can make a straight line. But it take a special mind to make a crooked line and call it art. I have that kind of mind. Thank God. 

I found these at a garage sale already cut out.   Thank you to the person for cutting these and making my day.  You are my hero.

This was after I had spent several hours doing these.

Using my flower punch.  My wrist was hurting after that.
 I almost couldn't grip the remote. 
 Now that would have been a disaster. 

Next time I am going to need something stronger
 than coffee to attempt this again.

I had a use for this piece that was leftover.  Another time,another post.

Getting back to my garage sale find, I decided to make thank you cards.
  Just to show my appreciation
for purchasing a piece from Jets Jewelry

My thank you stamp.
I used a lot of  different inks.    

I think they turned out very nice.  I will show you how I attached them at a later time.  Right now Eric is calling.  Bye , bye,

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