Sunday, March 2, 2014

It's On Sale

******** A great stepper's cut********

I love looking at new beads and findings to add to my collection.   I will usually finger each and every strand. I love the texture and can imagine how I would incorporate the beads into a wearable item.  While my eye get big, my wallet stays close.   

I am always on the hunt for a bargain. My middle name is sale, clearance, closeout, you get the idea.   My first stop is always the clearance aisle and what is on sale.   My two favorite spots for crafting are Hancock and Jo-Ann Fabrics.  Just recently I stopped by Hancock Fabrics and came away with nice deals.  Let me show you.

26 gauge wire in all colors.  Great for crocheting.  
The added bonus is each packs was only 50 cents.
I picked up all 6 packs

My next find was packs of beads.  Each pack was 25 cents.   Can you believe it.  I can see the bracelets already.  I grabbed them all and each color.  As you can see they had been marked down several times.   Thank God for clearance.

My next purchase was tools.

This tool helps you make the perfect knot.    25 cents.   Regular price 12.99

Snap tool.  Need I say more.  Yes, 25 cents.

I love this tool.  It is a split ring pliers.
I can open jump rings, key chains and coils.
  50 cents.  What a deal.

Now my final purchases

String and cord.

You guessed it 25 cents.
They only had four main colors.
  And I cleaned them out.

The black  and silver cord is elastic.
 Need I say what the price was.
3 of each color.

Last, but not least.
  Velvet cord.
  Only one color, but I picked up all they had.  

My total was $11.50 (I had a coupon for 15% off the total).
 Being at the right place at the right time.  


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