Sunday, March 16, 2014

Just a little bit deeper

Another cut from the past or least my past.  Enjoy

Here is my About Me page.

I have two distinct passions(well 3 if you count Denzel Washington). I love making jewelry or just being creative and I love working with computers. At times both interest mix, which is joy for me. I started making jewelry over 20 years ago. I was visiting a garden center and it turns on the inside was bead shop. One of the ladies who worked there showed me how to make a pair of earring. It only took about 15 minutes. I have making creating ever since. I love making jewelry. My favorite medium is wood. I started incorporating my jewelry and beads into other areas. I would decorate wooden trays, pictures, pillows, lampshades, clothing, shoes, window coverings, what ever I could get my hands on. I started working with computers after the birth of my son. It seem to come natural for me, user end that is. I think the computers are the marvel of the world. I don't know everything, but I have the capacity to find out, with understanding. I am always learning something new about this wonderful technology and about my self.

I would like to go a little deeper.   As it states in my About Me page, I discovered this garden shop where I received my first lesson in jewelry making.  I had lost my job and had two small mouths to feed.  A single mother trying to make it.   I had tried to find work that was comparable to what I had before.   The best I could manage was home health care aid once a week.  I also did cold calling, selling tickets for a  non-for-profit agency.  That was a bust, since I was only able to work a few days a week.   Nothing was coming in and everything was going out.   It was a blessing, on that day,  that my sister asked me to drive her to a garden shop. My sister did not like to drive in the city(thank you, sister).  She wanted to pick up some flowers for her garden.  My mother came along for the ride.  You never know where your blessings are coming from.  My sister did not like the selection of flowers outside and decided to leave.  The sales associate steered us to the inside of the shop.  All three of us was jewelry fanatics and love big earrings.  We  couldn't believe our eyes.  Beads in all shapes and sizes.   Beads everywhere.  On the front wall was a some of the most beautiful creations(earring, necklaces, bracelets) that I had ever seen.   Necklaces hanging from the ceiling.  It was fantastic.  All made by the owner and the associate.  The owner and her mother ran a bead shop out of this garden center.  She must have taken pity on me( my mouth looked like a big O).  She said she could give me a lesson right now.  All I could manage was a nod of my head.    My first lesson was a pair of earrings.   It took only 15 minutes.  Those 15 minutes turned into a life time of joy, laughter, frustration and a lot of work,  but it was worth it.  I had finally found myself, my voice.  I would visit that shop often.  Buying beads, making product, selling and buying more beads.   I wish I could say, I kept up with those ladies. I had found other bead shops and was using their services as well.   Four months later,  the shop had closed and I was never able to find a forwarding address or their new location. I owe a debt of gratitude to those women.  They started me on my path.  They help me with my course in life.   Thank you, ladies. 

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