Friday, July 19, 2013

More Jewelry Displays and Maxwell singing Fortunate

***Side Note -  I will start all my blogs with music.  It will be a link or as in this case a video.  You can choose to play it or not.  If you, sit back and enjoy as you read.  If not, send me some suggestions. ***


I am revamping my business.  Some things will stay the same and other's, well........   I have been DIYing (yes it is a word) a lot of my displays and  holders.   I will usually take garage sale items and thrift store finds to help set up my table.   I try to have at least several different setups depending on the table and where I am vending. That's another post.   Let me show what I have been working with and what I am working with now.

Separate the embroidery ring, stretching the fabric over the inner ring.  Put the rings back to together  keeping the material tight.  Sew down the edges.  This is a great holder for
fish hook earrings.  You can also hook the rings on a peg board.
I  use this stand to hold my business cards.  so that If I am busy, anyone can take card.  Genius!  I know you will agree.

Coffee cup stand is great for bracelets.
         Another bracelet holder.
                    I actually got this at a after Christmas sale for 75 cents.

This is the only jewelry display, I have brought brand new.   It holds a multitude of  necklaces. and it turns. 

I use this tray to hold earring on cards that have posts. 

This item holds my business sign.

Now for my new displays.
Isn't it cute.  50 cents.  I love the curls and swirls.

It has this glass ball on top.  Very glamorous

I love this bowl at the bottom.   More items can fit inside

Sorry about not cropping.   I found this one for $2.00.   I think I will keep this one for my  self.  Wanna see?
 It has a little bowl too.   So happy.

It holds all my earrings except my hoops.  Will find another display to those

I love the swirls on this one as well.  I  put two earrings into on groove
Again, sorry.   Not lazy, just having computer problems.  Another 50 cent find.  I  have not decided to use this one.  I will let you know.

I wish everything cost 50 cents( Yes, I got this one for ....... 50 cents).
 I know I am going to put this on my table,
but in what capacity, I dunno.

I do know, I am going to attach
this base to something more sturdy.

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Anonymous said...

Wow...that's a lot of thrift findings you've discovered...good for you!

All the best to you, my friend!

Cheers~ :D