Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Recycling for a friend

 A friend of mine ask me to redo a necklace for her.  I love the beads and wanted to make something very pretty for her.
 I took several pictures of the necklace so that you could get a good view of what I was working.  As I said before the beads were beautiful and I liked the color.   The necklace was two strands only at the bottom, so I had more than enough beads to remake a bracelet and earrings
 With only two attempts(the first design, I was not pleased with.  I placed the bigger beads together, which threw the weight of the bracelet off balanced).  I made the bracelet on memory wire(my favorite method to make bracelets these days).  Due the size of the beads, I only had three complete circle.
 I was comfortable with this decision.  My friend has a small wrist and could carry the look off.
 After counting my beads(which is something I rarely do), I made the earrings to accompany the bracelet.  If you can look closely, the tops do not match the bottom half of the earrings. 
 I think they came out rather good.  My friend was pleased with the results and so was I.  Sometimes, I have incorporate some of my own bead to complete a redo.  Not this time.  See how pretty the beads are?

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