Sunday, September 20, 2009


Here is my history lesson. If you read my profile, then you know, I started making jewelry about 20 years ago. I remember my first craft show. I stayed up all night, nervous about how my designs would appeal to a viewing crowd. I sold out of earrings(that was all that I made) and I only made 30 earrings. I sold them for $3.00 each. The craft show only cost me $5.00 I was very green at the time. I had a red cloth for the table and no other adornments. No business cards, no signs or displays. Just jewelry. I was hooked. For me it was a heady rush. Seeing those women oh and ah over something I created with my own two hands. I entered every craft show I could find and afford. I made some money and lost some money. The last time I did a craft show, I made 75 cents(the booth rental was $25.00 plus other expenses). I cried like a baby, vowing to stop making jewelry and get a job. I did get a job, but I did not stop making jewelry. I just channeled my boat in another direction. I have learned so much since my first craft show and I still learning. If it was not for that 75 cents that I made, I would not be where I am at today. Someone once told me to get a real job, since I was not making the kind of money I wanted to make with my creations. No, I have not made my business, my dream into the giant I want it to be, and I have had some successes and failures along the way. But what I have and treasure the most, is sense of me and who I am and what I can do. I have had so many doors slammed in face, so many people have let me down, maybe somebody else would have given up a long time ago. I have always told my children if they can say one thing about me, it is this - I might cry tonight, but I will get up in the morning with a smile and try again. I have to go now. I hear the beads calling meeeeeeee.

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