Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Displays - Part One

I was pretty raw in my humble beginnings. A very kind person (she happen to another vendor), came to my table and told me I need to display my jewelry better. Now some people might have gotten offended by this comment(I happen to be one of those people) but I took the message to be friendly advice Since this was my fifth or sixth show and my earning seem to be slowing down, I did not get mad(well not too much). I just smiled and said thank you. I guess laying my earrings on the table in a row was not visually appealing. Who new? I packed up my jewelry, embarrassment; my now cooled down temper, and went home. How can I make my table fantastic? Best piece of advice I ever had. One of first attempts was to display my earring more efficiently (I have gone through some displays. I was given a box of crafts supplies and in this box was 20 embroidery hoops (see how things work out, did you see the word GIVEN). Also in the box was some material. Light bulb. I stretched the material over the rings, sewed the excess material down presto change, I had a holder for my earrings. I had brought some dollar plate holders to hold the hoops with. I was elated. I was killing several birds with one stone. Height to my table, visually appealing and colorful (I use only black and red material on the hoops. Now while I was killing several birds, the family started pecking on me.

1. The hoops display only worked for piecered and post earrings. Clips-ons and kidney hooks still had to stay on the table.

2. This only worked for inside shows. I could have run a mathrthon chasing down my hooks with earring flying about.

3. And now matter I tight I sewed the material down, it would always start to sag.

4. I went out and brought peg board, clamped them together to display the hoops on, but customers found them cumbersome to take off.

5. And for the final straw, the hooks was always breaking from some of the tension of sewing the material down

Back to the drawing board. I finally gave away the remaning hoops. But this episode will not be my last idea with hoops. I will try my hoop idea three more times. Some my hoops were metal, plastic, wood. Let’s just say that I am seeing a therapist for my problem, circles. Part two of my display museum - coffee any one - next time.

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