Sunday, June 9, 2013

School's Out


It has been a while since my last post.   Lets see, my computer was not working, and running back and forth to library is a pain.  Plus I  lost some of my zeal for making jewelry.  My passion went out of my passion.    But now, school is out; and my computer is fixed(thanks Al).  The summer is starting to heat up(or so I have been led to believe).   The weather is not playing nice.  

Now that I am back online, I can take care of my Etsy Store. Sadly, I have been so busy, it has been neglected. It was time to get my  Etsy shop back into some respectable shape.  Here are some pieces that never made its way to my store, but I happy to say, they found a new home.

Simple glass seed/wood beads with a simple white shell center.   

This is actually two necklace joining forces to save the world.
 Or maybe just to look pretty.  

 Since I had some orange beads left over, why not. 
 Waste not, want not.

I call this piece "Orange you glad to see me", LOL.     It is  mixture of shells, wood and glass beads.  Sometimes, I crack myself up. 

The beads in this piece are ceramic.  I added a green shell center and some silver embellishments.   Truth be told, they were part of  a set of napkin ring holders(I believe at Target) I found.  Never know where inspiration will hit you.  I decided to make it lopsided.  I think it adds character to a piece.

I will be showcasing pieces from time to time.    Check back with me.   You can also follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

You can also check out my other blog, Digging In the Box.  I love to up cycle, recycle and restyle existing pieces from thrift shops, garage, consignments and donations. 

Remember, I Just Living for the Weekend


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