Sunday, June 16, 2013

I am on a budget

I am revamping my jewelry business. Details in a later post.     Since I have been home, I have been getting a lot of work done, but there is still a lot of work to do.   I will usually stop into Hobby Lobby, Jo-Ann Fabrics or Hancock Fabrics to see if they have any clearance or sale items, that I can incorporate in my merchandise(I am on a budget).  I found luck at  Jo-Ann Fabrics.   They are only  $1.00 a piece.   One whole dollar.   I think I can manage that.    Look for my creations to follow.     Remember, we are once nation under a groove.  Bye Ya.

The jewelry findings are gold tone.
  Sorry about the shot.
  Some of the pieces look tarnished.   Not so.
They are mixture of different tones

This is without the cover.
This is the copper set.
Copper is such a rich tone.

And next on the agenda is Pewter.  

 It doesn't get any better than this.     

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