Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Selling Summthin, Summthin

 Note - I am writing this post while I am listening to Maxwell''s  Summthin, Sumthin.

I decided not to do a Christmas/New Year Post.  It was not in me.  Plus I had other things going on family emergencies, illness and just plain busy and not busy,  some of which was not blog or Jets Jewelry related. I did read some of my favorite post from other bloggers and fell in love with all the Christmasy(yes it is a real word.  Check the North Pole Dictionary) blogging that was going on.  In one of my previous post, I mention how much I miss my hometown, Chicago.  Not only because I was born, and raised there,but the vending opportunities are off the chain.  You can do a show every weekend and Christmas time until the New Year(Kwanzaa) is the best time.   Since moving here, my shows are far and in between.   I miss the time when I was making something to sell every single day.  Sometimes I was making things for the next show, while vending at a show.    What also boost my sales, I not only sold jewelry but, scarfs, belts purses, perfume, home decor, candles, soaps, tee shirts, accessories, hair goods and candy.  Yes candy.  What ever caught my eye, I would try to sell.  If my kids got to close to my table, then so be it.  My favorite thing to do was to take a finished piece and  turn it completely around.  That is how I got started.  I would take old necklaces apart and make earrings or bracelets.  Sometimes, I would make game out of it.  I would see how many earrings I could get out one necklace.  Depending on the size of the beads or the length of the earring, I could manage 6 to 8 pairs of earrings.  Not bad, not bad at all.   I think it time to return back to my roots.   I  am not just not in mood for necklaces.  Maybe as it gets warmer.  But for now, I will be concentrating on earrings and bracelets.    As Maxwell says, it is a little Summthin, Summthin.


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