Wednesday, July 2, 2014

I Just Love It

   Al Green - Simply Beautiful

I like to always find ways to make my business better. What business doesn't?  I love making my own tags, bags, displays, anything to enhance my booth/table/site and increase sales.  Since I am the frugal, crafty type, I am always on the hunt for items to use, reuse or recycle.  The school where I work had a carnival on the last day.  One of the booths that we have is the White Elephant.  Donations of used goods are sold to fund our next years activities.  I picked up a box of party favor bags.  8 bags to a pak, and I had 21 paks.  I knew instantly what I could do with them.

I love the round center
Opens up to fit earring, bracelets and small

Look how deep the bag is!!

The ribbon is an added bonus.  How pretty.

Someone must have ordered these for a party or wedding.
My first thought was to get some round labels, print my name and paste them on to the bag.    I checked with Staples and they wanted 17.00 a package.   I did not know whether I would have the need for round labels again, so crossed out that idea.   My next thought was to use address labels.  I had already purchased some from the dollar store.

Plain old boring white labels.

Since I had gotten them from the dollar, store(Thank you Dollar Tree), I saw that they compared to Avery 8160.  If you know Avery Labels, they can be quite expensive.   Inside the folder was instructions on how to print on the labels using MS-Word.  Here is what I printed out.  Simple and to the point.

Now at this stage of the game, I thought about add some other embellishment to the labels to give it some style.  Here is what I did

Nothing at all.   The only other thing I did was to paste them down at an angle.  

Nothing more, nothing less. I just want my business name and the bag to stand out. 
I just love it!!!!!!

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