Monday, August 8, 2011


Today, I spent the entire(well until about 2:30 pm) in the bed.  I had a headache when I woke up this moring and it would not go away.  I have ICP and sometimes the pressure in my head is to much to take.  I took my medication and laid back down hoping the headache would go away.  I took a shower hoping to wash the pain away.  No dice.  This was the day of getting some work done.   I did not have to babysit and I had the whole day free.   I am not the person who waste the day, hour, minute, or second.   I will be doing something to improve my business and mind, body and soul.  I am the ultimate multi-tasker.   Most of the time I can usually work throught my pain, but today was different. 

Now I feel gulity about a lot things, but I felt extra gulity about wasting this day.  I should be on the computer, answering emails, taking pic of my jewelry, making jewelry and cards, getting my computer class together.   Instead I watched old movies, that I have seen a thousand times.  Occassionlly my mind would wander  and I would raise my head off the pillow and say, Ok, Jet, get going.  You have an empire to complete.   As soon as that thought would enter my head, another one followed," Lay back down, enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of a good hamburger".  You can guess which one prevailed.    I need new pillows to get really comfortable.

Here's the thing,  My stock did not take a nose dive.  Emails piled up, but they always pile up.   The beads did not lose their luster or come apart in my hands,and the world was safe in it own little bubble.  With me in it.   Am I behind on some of my work, yes, I always a little behind.   Will my buisness go under from day of no attention, no.   Even I know that I am not the be all to be all.   Well I am but don't tell any body.

Sometime, you need to recharge and let some thing go.  I don't mean take a year long leave and orders that need to go out. But one day here and there will not turn your world upside down.  As much as we love our craft, we love ourselves even more.  Yes my craft is a part of me.  It's in my blood, I breathe my business; like air.  But I also have a family, friends, my spiritual side.  I like to volunteer.  I teach a basic computer class.  One day I would like to have a shop where anyone can come learn and create.    A very wise women (my mother) once told me to take care of myself, so that I can take care of everything else.   Good advice.  My mother is a giver and takes care of everybody else's needs before her own.   I love her.

Here's the thing.  As most artist know, our craft becomes us.  We go together like white on rice.   We live and breathe our business,craft, creation.   We really cannot survive without each other.  But right now I am not talking about survival, I talking about living.  It is done one day at a time.   Today was my day.   Ok, so you caught me.  Here I am answering emails, and blogging.   But technically, this is night.  I did state that I stayed in bed all day, so...................  I never said I was perfect.  Ok I am.

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