Saturday, January 1, 2011

Creativity and Love

Well, it's brand new year.  2011 and I have made it intact, still standing.  I just spent the last two weeks getting my pages, blogs, images, words together and I still have a long way to go.   Plus using a 10 year old computer does not help, but that is another story.  I have been organizing, deleting, making folders, downloading, uploading.  It feels like I still have not scratched the surface.  Once I get the framework up, then all I have to do is to fill in the holes. Ah, so many holes.  While I was working my way through all of my files, I came across some pic's I took of my mother's paper plates.  My mother is a very talented artist.  She can sing, write, draw, play the piano, cook and stomp with the best of them.  She handed down her creativity to my son and some of her other children and grandchildren.  She did give me a little(I will have to speak to hear about that), but what she can do with a pencil and some color will blow your mind.  I remember she use to make these holiday candles out of paper.  She would write your first name cut that out, and that would be the candle.  She would have a base and a flame at the top, all from paper.  She is something else.  Now  her health problems have prevented her from doing a lot of what she was use to do.   On one of my visits back home, she showed her paper plates. Each one unique in its own fashion. I still marvel at how she is able to create art just on paper plates. I may be bias(OK I am), but I happen to think she is one the true talents. She has asked to help her get her ideas out there, but I really do not have a clue how to help her. I know it would take travel, money and she can't travel and I don't have the money. Maybe I will give this Internet thing a try.   So I brought the plates back home with me and took pic's. That has been a while, I am ashamed to admit.  It has been a while for me to write in this blog.   But today, my thoughts are on finishing the job with, creativity and love.   I love my mother with all my heart. Through her creativity she has shown me wonder, awe, beautiful works. In everything that she does, it is wrapped up in love.   Let me get started in showing some of that back to her. Take a look.

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